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About this Geneology website


    My name is Edward Pieper and this is my personal family history page.
    I started this ancestry research in 2015 with the marriage license of my grandparents Pieper-Broersma.
    Although I have no offspring of my own, my grand parents on both sides had many childeren.
    Leaving me with alot of ants, uncles, nieces and cousins. All protected by the GDPR-Law and Dutch AVG DPA-Law.
    You will not find any info about them here.

    So what does this page contain?

    This page contains all information I could find on my research since 2015 with all sub-pages of every familyname I came across a direct line of ancestry. Every Familyname sub-page starts with the oldest known direct ancestor holding that name and all offspring, marriages and direct descendants keeping this name. The section Family Trees gives some history and links found on ancestral research.

Coat of Arms

Crests of Family Pieper-v.d.Post

©2019 Drawing by Edward Pieper

Note: This is personal non-official, non-registered Coat of Arms. I draw myself and it does not apply to the complete Pieper family.
It contains all crests of my grand-parent familynames:

  • Upper left corner: The Crest of the German Pieper Family
  • Uper right corner: The Crest of van der Post Family
  • Lower left corner: The Crest of the Broersma Family
  • Lower right corner: The Crest of van Cuijk Family
  • Middle: The Crest of the City of Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The red and blue leafs symbolize Loyalty and Military Strength that mainly credited to historic inheritance line of Pieper serving the army, and my grandfather v.d. Post that died in the Dutch Militairy. The Black Eagle is the symbol of Prussia where the family name Pieper originated from.
The crest of the City of Dordrecht symbolizes the unity between the families in marriage that took place in this city, and in birth of me and my brother.

Direct Ancestors

  • [private] Pieper
  • [private] van der Post
There is more history within the Family Tree pages

Family Trees

Pedigree Broersma
Familyname Bearers Start Background Family Tree
Bastiaans 3 1853 History Family Tree
Broersma 16 1880 History Family Tree
Newland 2 1831 History Family Tree
Samuels 13 1821 History Family Tree

Pedigree van Cuijk
Familyname Bearers Start Background Family Tree
Asseldonk, van 84 1585 History Family Tree
Cuijk, van 88 1639 History Family Tree
Heesch, van 66 1624 History Family Tree
Heuvel, van den 53 1730 History Family Tree
Lieshout, van 32 1695 History Family Tree
Roosmalen, van 81 1700 History Family Tree
Smits 58 1669 History Family Tree
Verhoeven 72 1709 History Family Tree
Swinkels 124 1587 History Family Tree

Pedigree Pieper
Familyname Bearers Start Background Family Tree
Bellaart 63 1735 History Family Tree
Böger 36 1728 History Family Tree
Dell 11 1770 History Family Tree
Maitimo 24 1824 History Family Tree
Pieper 41 1769 History Family Tree
Theuvenet 64 1750 History Family Tree

Pedigree van der Post
Familyname Bearers Start Background Family Tree
Kloeg 88 1735 History Family Tree
Ooms 12 1814 History Family Tree
Ottevanger 292 1588 History Family Tree
Post, van der 131 1620 History Family Tree
Roovers 29 1730 History Family Tree
Simons 18 1709 History Family Tree
Smit 54 1799 History Family Tree
Ulen 18 1753 History Family Tree